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Getting Your Furnace Serviced for Winter

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Why You Should Have Your Furnace Inspected Before Winter Arrives
The cold winds of winter are beginning to creep up on us here in Fresno! But we’ve got a few weeks left, and now is the perfect time to ensure your furnace system is up to snuff and ready to roll with a professional furnace inspection.
A proper inspection is critical to ensure your home is equipped with the quality heating it needs to fight off the worst of our winter season. And to meet that need, the experts at Art Douglas Plumbing provide top-class and comprehensive inspection and maintenance services in the Fresno area.
You can liken an inspection and maintenance service to many of the services you get for other important machines and appliances. Somewhat similar to, say, a car tune-up, or appliance care. Without these, your important investments begin to work a lot less effectively, and might even leave you with a broken down vehicle or useless home tools. HVAC care is very much the same.
Professional maintenance is a lot more than just a look-over that can be easily overlooked. Proper care ensures your system gains a lot of crucial benefits that aim to keep your heating costs (and stress level) much lower when the cold kicks in.
The benefits of maintenance include:
  • Lower heating costs. A well-maintained system can perform its function faster, better, and at less effort on the machine’s part. This means you’ll get all of the high-quality comfort you need without your system overworking and using too much energy, which directly impacts your monthly energy costs.
  • Higher quality comfort. That efficiency also spells out better comfort. Whether you use oil heating, gas, or an electric furnace, you’ll get better heating that never leaves cold spots or cool rooms.
  • Less risk of breakdowns. One of the most important parts of a professional maintenance service is ensuring your system is working optimally, and all components are in great working condition. The vast majority of seasonal breakdowns can be directly traced to poor component health or air flow problems; both issues are addressed with an inspection!
  • Longer service from your furnace. Depending on your type of furnace, you can generally expect around a decade or slightly more of service from your furnace. But that amount of time takes into account getting inspections and maintenance, without which you can cut that decade down to even just a few years!
Inspection services are best sought for your heating system in the fall, well before you actually have need of your heating. This is important, because it reduces the chances that you’ll find out there is a critical issue with your system while already relying on it. You deserve dependable, high-quality heating, and professional inspections ensure you get just that. Give us a call and schedule yours today!

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