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Is Your Cooling System Ready for Summer?

HVAC on Summer

As summer approaches, it's time to start thinking about turning on your home's cooling system. Before you turn on your air conditioner this season, make sure your unit is ready. Here is a checklist you should follow for safer cooling all season long.

Clean or Replace Air Filters

You should clean or replace your air conditioner's air filters before using your system for two main reasons.

Better Efficiency

Air filters get clogged with dirt, hair, allergens, and other debris that can restrict healthy airflow. To clean your filter you can spray it down with a hose and allow the filter to air dry. Of course, by replacing your air conditioner's filters, you can experience more energy-efficient cooling since cleaning won’t remove all the debris.

Better Air Quality

Using dirty air filters causes debris and allergens to be released in the air within your home, which can decrease air quality. You should replace your air filters before using your cooling system if anyone in your home has asthma or suffers from allergies.

If you have ducts or vents throughout your home, then ask your HVAC specialist to clean these areas for you. Clean ducts and vents assist in healthier airflow throughout your home.

Clear Space for Your AC Unit

To improve the safety and air quality of your cooling system, make sure all indoor or outdoor units are clear of debris.

Outdoor Units

Remove leaves, dirt, garden tools, and other equipment from the surface and surrounding areas of your air conditioning unit. As a general rule, your cooling system should have at least 18 inches of clear space surrounding the appliance for safe operation and easy access for HVAC repairs.

Indoor Units

Clean the window areas where air conditioners will be placed and remove all clothing, toys, and other items that can restrict airflow from near the AC appliance. Even your curtains or other materials should not block the airflow to your air conditioning unit.

Have Your Cooling System Inspected

Your cooling system should be fully inspected by your HVAC specialist before you turn on your air conditioner for the summer. Your HVAC specialist will check vents, filters, motors, thermostats, fan blades, and other components of your AC unit to ensure safe operation.

If any repairs need to be made during your cooling system's inspection, then your HVAC specialist can do repairs onsite or may have to schedule another visit after ordering replacement parts. Do not operate your cooling system until your HVAC specialist has given you permission.

Watch for Signs of Trouble

Your cooling system should operate efficiently throughout the warmer seasons so long as you have made proper preparations. If your cooling system suddenly fails to maintain cool temperatures, turns on and off unexpectedly, freezes or has ice accumulating on the unit, or smells like smoke while the unit is on, then call for emergency HVAC services right away.

If your circuit breaker is tripped when the unit is turned on, then you should turn off your air conditioner. Your HVAC specialist will re-examine your cooling system to see what issues are present and make repairs as needed, or your specialist may recommend replacing your current cooling system with a more energy-efficient design.

With proper preparation, your cooling system should be ready to cool your house efficiently this summer. Take steps to make your cooling system ready for operation before warm weather hits.

Your HVAC specialist is skilled in diagnosing, repairing, and even replacing your cooling system. Any repairs needed throughout the ownership of your cooling system should be made professionally and not on your own. Call our team of specialists at Art Douglas Plumbing Inc. for all your HVAC needs today.

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