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Should You Have a Home Water Filtration System Installed?

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The water that comes from your tap may not be as healthy as you think. In fact, most people consume water that's been treated with chlorine and still contains contaminants and harmful bacteria. While the tap water in your home was treated at a treatment facility, the water still picks up contaminants during the travel from the facility to your tap.
If your home uses a well, then the tap water is still prone to containing contaminants and other harmful bacteria. The best way to ensure you have clean water coming from your tap is to have a home water filtration system installed.
Using a home water filtration system means you no longer need to worry when you get those common notices from the water company warning about unhealthy water levels due to an increased amount of a certain impurity, such as contaminants or bacteria.

What Does a Home Water Filtration System Do?

A home water filtration system will filter the water before the water comes out of your taps. There are different types of home filtration systems that use different methods of filtration, but they all work using one of two techniques to remove impurities from the water.
Home water filtration systems will either filter the water by straining the water with the use of a type of sieve, or the filtration system will move the water through an active material to remove the impurities.

What are the Two Most Common Home Water Filtration Systems?

An activated carbon filtration system is very popular with home owners. Not only does an activated carbon filtration system tend to be one of the more affordable options, but the system also efficiently removes impurities from your water as well as foul odors and bad tastes from tap water.
Activated carbon filtration systems have proven to be highly efficient with removing chemicals. Also, the system does noticeably well at removing many other impurities. This type of system can be installed in the kitchen sink, or you can opt to have a whole house system installed to improve the quality of all your water. The system also removes odors and bad tastes from tap water.
Reverse osmosis is another one of the most commonly chosen home water filtration systems used in many households. With reverse osmosis, the water goes through a membrane that uses air pressure. Reverse osmosis will remove contaminants such as arsenic, lead, copper, fluoride, chromium, barium, radium, and many others.
While many people have reverse osmosis systems installed for the kitchen sink, you can choose to have a whole house reverse osmosis systems installed. The benefit to installing a filtration system throughout your house is knowing even the water you use to brush your teeth and wash your hands with has been properly filtered.

What are Some Benefits of a Home Water Filtration System?

One benefit to having a home water filtration system installed is instant access to healthy water that tastes great. No more dealing with filing up a pitcher that filters the water, no more running to the store to buy bottled water, and no more paying for a water delivery service.
There is also an environmental benefit to home water filtration systems. When you aren't purchasing bottled water, you won't be contributing to the billions of plastic water bottles that end up in the landfills.
A filtration system will even save you money on soaps because the water will come out softer and remove soap film faster than hard tap water would. Your hair and skin will also look and feel healthier. Your plumbing will see less mineral build ups in the pipes, saving you on plumbing repairs.
If you are ready to discuss having a home water filtration system installed in your home, then contact us now. We'll be happy to discuss your options with you and install your system.

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